A cognitive psychology of mass communication by Richard Jackson Harris

By Richard Jackson Harris

The up-to-date version of a textbook at the function of mass communique within the formation of perceived fact, for mass verbal exchange strategies and results direction.

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The social situation of who else is watching, listening, or reading and how they are reacting greatly affects the media consumption experience. Consider the difference between watching an exciting ball game by yourself or watching it with a group of friends. Whether someone you are watching a horror film with shrieks in fun, cries in severe distress, laughs, or makes no obvious reaction at all can affect your enjoyment or level of fear (Zillmann, Weaver, Mundorf, & Aust, 1986). Within families, television may either promote family harmony and interaction or be a divisive force, depending on how it is used (Bryant, 1990; Lull, 1988).

51 Blacks as Viewers 53 Effects of African American Portrayals 54 Latinos 55 Native Americans 56 Asian Americans 58 Arabs and Arab Americans 59 Older Adults 61 Gay and Lesbian People 63 Persons with Disabilities and Disorders 65 Physical Disabilities 65 Psychological Disorders 66 Occupations 67 Police Officers 67 Lawyers and Courtroom Trials 67 Farmers and Rural Life 69 College Students 69 Conclusion 70 4 Advertising: Food (and Everything Else) for Thought 71 Historical Background 73 Types of Ads 73 Psychological Appeals in Advertising 74 Informational Appeals 75 Emotional Appeals 75 Patriotic Appeals 77 Fear Appeals 77 Achievement, Success, and Power Appeals 78 Humorous Appeals 78 Testimonials 78 Ads as Information to be Processed 79 Stages of Processing 80 A Cognitive Constructionist Theory Approach to Understanding Advertising 80 Deceptive Advertising 81 Miscomprehension Versus Deceptiveness 81 True-but-Deceptive Ads 83 Studying Deception Scientifically 86 Children's Advertising 86 Differentiating Ads and Programs 87 Disclaimers 88 Program-Length Commercials and the ToyProgram Connection 89 Tobacco Advertising 89 Violence 90 Sex in Advertising 91 Page xi Classical Conditioning 91 Subliminal Advertising 92 Conclusion 93 5 Communication of Values: Media as Parent and Priest 96 Family Values 98 Models of Family 98 Family Solidarity 100 Sexuality 103 The Influence of Television on Family Life 107 Religion 108 Religion in TV Series 108 Portrayals of Religious Professionals 111 Religion in the News 112 Religious Television 114 Effects of Television on Religion 115 Conclusion 116 6 Sports: Marriage of Convenience or Conquest by Television?

In Stage 3 the community is saturated with television and the length of exposure increases. By Stage 4 adults have spent their whole lives in a culture permeated by television, whose lifelong impact on members of society is taken for granted. Finally, Stage 5 occurs with the widespread appearance of cable TV and VCR ownership. At this stage there is much more individual control of TV, in terms of both "time shifting" and abundant selection of programming. Marketing is increasingly directed at homogeneous segments, not to the mass audience.

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