Agricultural Uses of Antibiotics by William A. Moats (Eds.)

By William A. Moats (Eds.)

content material: Antibiotics use in agriculture : an outline / Richard H. Gustafson --
healing use of antibiotics in livestock / G. Ziv --
Antibiotics in therapy of mastitis / W.D. Schultze --
Antibiotics in beekeeping / Robert J. Argauer --
Antibiotics as crop protectants / Arun ok. Misra --
developments within the use of fermentation items in agriculture / R.W. Burg --
advantages and hazards of antibiotics use in agriculture / Virgil W. Hays --
importance of antibiotics in meals and feeds / Khem M. Shahani and Paul J. Whalen --
hazards to human overall healthiness from using antibiotics in animal feeds / Philip J. Frappaolo --
results of low degrees of antibiotics in farm animals feeds / Thomas H. Jukes --
Antibiotic residues in nutrients : regulatory points / Robert C. Livingston --
The U.S. division of Agriculture meat and fowl antibiotic residue checking out application / Bernard Schwab and Jeffrey Brown --
Microbiological assay techniques for antibiotic residues / Stanley E. Katz --
Physicochemical tools for deciding on antibiotic residues in meals / William A. Moats --
Pharmacokinetics and residues of sulfadimidine and its N⁴-acetyl and hydroxy metabolites in food-producing animals / J.F.M. Nouws, T.B. Vree, R. Aerts, and J. Grondel.

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173(5): 356-8. 22. Wilson, W. T. 1974. Residues of Oxytetracycline i n Honey Stored by Apis m e l l i f e r a . Environmental Entomology 3: 674-676. 23. , Matsumoto, M. 1984. Simplified a n a l y t i c a l method for tetracycline residues in honey by high performance l i q u i d chromatography. Kenkyu Nenpo Tokyo-toritsu E i s e i Kenkyusho. 35: 187-91. 24. Moats, W. A. 198 . Determination of Tetracycline A n t i b i o t i c s i n Tissues and Blood Serum of Cattle and Swine by High Performance Liquid Chromatography.

25 ppm. In the early 1970 s we developed (14) a chemical means, based upon the fluorescence of calciumoxytetracycline complex described by Kohn (13) i n 1961, to monitor the d i s t r i b u t i o n of oxytetracycline i n medicated colonies. We now were able to support e a r l i e r observations that were based on microbiological assay, and were able to monitor the s t a b i l i t y of oxytetracycline i n medicated diets registered for use and i n several experimental medicated d i e t s . In b r i e f , the procedure developed involves the extraction of oxytetracycline from a t r i c h l o r o a c e t i c acid solution into ethylacetate-ethylacetoacetate, and addition of calcium chloride and ammonium hydroxide to remove the i n t e r f e r r i n g fluorescent phenols and acids while the oxytetracycline remains i n the organic phase as the fluorescent calcium complex.

The following a n t i b i o t i c s are curr e n t l y approved and marketed f o r intramammary infusion i n treatment of bovine m a s t i t i s (26); 1. OTC - cephapirin, erythromycin, novobiocin, oxytetracycline, peni c i l l i n , p e n i c i l l i n and novobiocin i n combination, p e n i c i l l i n and dihydrostreptomycin i n combination. ; ACS Symposium Series; American Chemical Society: Washington, DC, 1986. 3. ch003 2. Antibiotics in Treatment of Mastitis 27 R - h e t a c i l l i n , c l o x a c i l l i n , novobiocin, a m p i c i l l i n , p e n i c i l l i n and dihydrostreptomycin i n combination.

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