Animal Models in Diabetes: A Primer (Frontiers in Animal by Eleazar Shafrir, Anders A F Sima

By Eleazar Shafrir, Anders A F Sima

Animal versions of Diabetes: A Primer introduces features of the main widespread animal species with a number of diabetic syndromes that have been constructed and commonly investigated over the past few many years. It comprises animal versions which are available, good defined and confirmed to be of price within the examine of either kinds of diabetes. greatly referenced, this e-book might be of price to new and verified investigators, graduate scholars and pharmaceutical scientists engaged on the advance of antidiabetic and preventative modalities in a variety of components of diabetes and its problems.

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1995). , 1992), possibly by interference with hydroxyl radicals involved in the final killing of beta cells. , 1993). , 1992). , 1996). Environmental Manipulation: Diet and Infection Diet Dietary modification, in particular with respect to the source of protein, can reduce the frequency of IDDM in the BB rat (Scott et al, 1997). , 1995). In the case of the lamino acid based diet, the protective effect was abrogated by milk protein supplementation (Elliott and Martin, 1984). This last observation is of particular interest given the hypothesis that exposure to cow’s milk proteins triggers IDDM in genetically susceptible humans (Dosch, 1993).

The susceptibility of diabetes resistant BB rats to environmental agents like streptozotocin and alloxan has yet to be investigated in detail. , 1997) both prevent the induction of diabetes in the DR-BB rat. , 1997). , 1991). GENETIC BASIS OF IDDM SUSCEPTIBILITY IN RATS The inheritance of autoimmune diabetes in the BB rat is polygenic. Like IDDM in humans and NOD mice, one susceptibility locus maps to the MHC, but specific gene defects remain to be identified. Recent data suggest, however, that inheritance of IDDM in the BB rat might involve fewer major genes than in humans or NOD mice, and that the availability of resistant strains may offer strategic analytical advantages.

Exp. Med. , 419, 459–462. , Kantwerk-Funke, G. and Kolb, H. (1989) Macrophage infiltration precedes and is a prerequisite for lymphocytic insulitis in pancreatic islets of pre-diabetic BB rats. Diabetologia, 32, 126–134. -M. J. (1993) Mycophenolate mofetil can prevent the development of diabetes in BB rats. Ann. NY Acad. , 696, 328–332. , Thompson, C. A. (1997) CD28/B7 costimulation regulates autoimmune diabetes induced with multiple low doses of streptozotocin. J. , 158, 984–991. Hosseinzadeh, H.

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