Babelandia by Demetrio Aguilera-Malta (auth.)

By Demetrio Aguilera-Malta (auth.)

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They were unsatisfactory and, worse, might produce terrible consequences. Agitated as he was, the monster might do anything. It would be like playing with dynamite near a fire. Even so, we can't let him have a free hand. Not just because of the victim between his jaws. After satisfying himself with her, he'll want to continue his rampage. He'll be more ravenous than ever. He must be stopped. There's no 31 Aguilera-Malta T h r e e alternative. 1 have to destroy this weed of evil at its roots. But how?

Seemed to hear, or see, or sme11 something. He said to me: "Wait! /1 Turned around. then he took off. -Was anyone else around? -1 didn't notice anybody. Who knows? -Did he return to the house of The Odalisques? -No. He kept on down the street. It was so dark 1 couldn' t see him anymore. -And then? -1 waited a few minutes. It seemed he wasn' t coming back and 1 began to look around for him. Nothing. Not a trace. As if he had been swallowed by a tidal wave. Captain Gleam turned off the television set.

Captain Gleam seemed to have turned into mercury. Slippery. Out of reach. The general, out of control, blinded, raving, flailed at him repeatedly. His movements were so rapid they seemed like a whirlwind of muscles and steel. But the human Mercury-like a reverse magnetcontinued repeatedly to repel him, dodging his multiple blows. FinalIy the Ape-realizing the uselessness of his effort-gave up. Desolately, he fell to the floor. Bit the lance. Reduced it to splinters. First the handle. Then the spear.

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