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Earlier you saw how you can alter these values visually using the widgets on the ruler, but this method offers far more control. The Spacing section allows you to define the gap that appears before or after each paragraph. Usually you’ll only use one of these options, but there are exceptions such as when adding subheadings to a piece of text. For this letter, I’ve set a small gap Below paragraph to create a visual break between each section of text. In most cases, a more elegant solution to identifying the beginning of a paragraph is to have a first line indent (discussed next), but on documents where the text covers a large horizontal area, a small gap can improve readability.

You can also edit a shortcut; for example, if you wanted to bind Ctrl+P to the Paragraph options, you find the shortcut in the list, reconfigure the Functions at the bottom C H A P T E R 1 N W R I T E R : B A S I C D O C U M E N T S of the dialog box, and click Modify. o across a number of computers, you can save reconfigured shortcuts by using the Save button, moving the file to the second machine, and importing them with the Load button, which means there’s no need to duplicate a lot of effort across machines.

6cm because you’ll be adding an extra separator between the two areas of content. In the Separator line section of the dialog box, there are options for setting the width of the line and its height. Selecting anything but 100% for the latter will automatically enable an alignment option where you can choose to set the separator at the top or bottom of the page or center it vertically. ), so leave your line in place for the moment, but note that you’ll be replacing it later on. 6cm. 05cm line between columns, set it to 85% of the page height, and align it to the bottom of the page (see Figure 2-3).

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