Body as Social Text: Meaning and Interpretation of the Nude by Beth Anne Eck

By Beth Anne Eck

This research examines how humans impute which means at the nude photograph, suggesting that folks depend on their very own social historical past, yet extra importantly, the context of the picture itself to contruct the nude's which means. The examine explores how the culturally-bounded frames of paintings, pornography and data, are necessary to the upkeep of social and ethical order. It additional illustrates that once the media, place and viewers of the picture are burdened, as when it comes to the nude in liminal areas of public tradition, respondents work flat out to categorise the picture into current class schemes or create new ones.

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230) is a category (Bunge expresses this result for events, but it holds in full generality for processes): 36 LEO APOSTEL (a) the basis set of this category is the set of processes; (b) processes can be composed by the following operation

This concept of ontological identity is basic, however, and typically different from logical identity (because it is accompanied by change of properties). Here the ranking of properties as more or less essential is evidently crucial. An individual is destroyed if it loses one property of the highest rank of essentiality. Having offered this idea (not worked out at all and waiting for further analysis) as a possible solution for a problem that Bunge tries to solve "by cutting the Gordian knot" (as he is wont to do; perhaps rightly so if he is to reach a workable theory; but we cannot follow him, being less impressed by axiomatic decisions than by the natural development of a system of concepts), we are now ready to derive the truth of a certain number of Bunge's own postulates.

We made a short attempt to define it as a special case of disposition. We could elaborate this attempt as follows: if a thing t is in a state (or process - the distinction is not essential here) i, and if the possible histories that t can have following i contain in most cases the state e, then t in i has a tendency to get into the state e (measured by either the number of histories in which e occurs or, more adequately, the intensity of the forces actually together with i and driving t to the state e).

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