Bookwork: Medium to Object to Concept to Art by Garrett Stewart

By Garrett Stewart

“There they relaxation, inert, impertinent, in gallery space—those ebook kinds both imitated or mutilated, replicas of analyzing topic or its vestiges. unusual, after its lengthy and powerful profession, for the e-book to take early retirement in a museum, no longer as infrequent manuscript yet as functionless sculpture. Readymade or built, such publication shapes are canceled as textual content whilst deposited as gallery items, close off from their basic interpreting while now not, in a few but extra drastic means, dismembered or reassembled.” So starts off Bookwork, which follows our ardour for books to its logical severe in artists who hire discovered or simulated books as a sculptural medium. Investigating the conceptual hard work in the back of this proliferating overseas artwork perform, Garrett Stewart seems to be at thousands of book-like gadgets, on my own or as a part of gallery installations, during this unique account of works that strength cognizance upon a book’s fabric identification and cultural resonance.

Less an inquiry into the artist’s e-book than an exploration of the booklet form’s modern objecthood, Stewart’s interdisciplinary strategy strains the lineage of those competitive artifacts from the 1919 unsatisfied Readymade of Marcel Duchamp right down to the present concern of paper-based media within the electronic period. Bookwork surveys and illustrates a gorgeous number of appropriated and fabricated books alike, starting from hacksawed discards to the large lead folios of Anselm Kiefer. The unreadable books Stewart engages with during this well timed research are chanced on, repeatedly, to generate photo metaphors for the textual event they prevent, changing into during this experience legible after all.

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In a piece from d’art for which there is as yet no good, or 2009, for instance (plate 1), black-and-white when the found cover in Dettmer’s work is retained intact around the edges, providing its own frame to a sculptural excavation in regress, as in his selective highlighting of line-drawn illustrations from the several inches thick Webster’s New International Dictionary, Second Edition, a mining of the sporadic graphic image from within a depth of sheer typography. In another “altered book” by Dettmer, a volume on the history of set design called The Theater, enough textual phrases remain nested at random within the 3-D palimpsest framed by the binding’s own carved-out proscenium—like the receding perspective of stage flats—that the surviving textual snippets seem to anticipate and even perform the book’s own fate in dismemberment: “adaptation in .

Ultimately be seen in order to be, if not so Yet book art in this conceptual vein is much believed, then fully and appreciatively often “expertly” made as well, its objects, conceived. In the meanwhile, just discourse. for instance, finely crafted and precision But though you have to be there, at least cut—or exquisitely exacting even in their whenever convenient, you can’t go right painstaking defacement. And in its mate- now—at any rate not while you’re still read- rial form lies a large part of its thinking, not ing this unaltered book.

Skokloster Castle, Sweden. illustrated sculptures from H. W. Janson’s that returns temporality to his typical 1959 Key Monuments of the History of Art, process. This happens in three time-lapse as originally printed both horizontally and digital videos that “read” every page in its vertically, have had their figures “carved” partial or total disappearance, over 3,000 18 | out in turn by Dettmer. With enough pages shots each, of a three-volume world history. entirely removed in between these iso­lated, Thus “cutting” not only into but between photo-duplicated forms, their recessed pages, and with the adapted books them- stacking produces a new sculptural “monu- selves mounted on the wall across from the ment” in a crowded bas-relief all its own.

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