Caravans (AD&D Fantasy Roleplaying, Al-Qadim) by Rick Swan

By Rick Swan

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Fahad is lucky. ” “Not everything,” corrected the elder. “Only that which money can buy. ” Husar smiled. “In a sense. Listen: Many years ago, when I was no older than you, Fahad fell deeply in love with a maiden named Situ. The daughter of a fisherman, Sita was a fragile beauty with the grace of a dancer and skin as soft as a wild dove. Though Situ had many suitors, she was smitten by Fahad’s commanding manner and agreed to marry him a month after they met. Fahud arranged an elegant dinner where he would present his bride-to-be to his parents for their approval.

Before play, review the material about Ala’i the Hungry, plus the bite the nut, then dropped it. She sprang from the table and character profiles of Khafaz ibn Dahz and Turin (see fled from the room, tears flooding her eyes. Chapters 1 and 4 of the Campaign Guide). “Fahad rose to go after her, but Zobeida held his arm. ‘The For the spectators, workers, and other incidental girl has insulted your mother,’ she said. ‘She is not worthy to characters in this episode, use the following statistics.

She told me how much she admired my copper bracelet, the one that you gave me on the last harvest holiday . Then this afternoon, I overheard Amsha mocking me to another girl, saying that my bracelet was not fit for a gout collar. ” A tear trickled down her cheek. ” “What I know about the behavior of people,” said Husar, “I have learned from observing camels. Listen: “Some camels have a devious look. Other camels appear friendly. Now, some of the devious-looking camels are quite mean, but many are congenial.

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