Clinical applications of pharmacogenetics by Despina Sanoudou

By Despina Sanoudou

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Onychomycosis : the current approach to diagnosis and therapy

Content material: Epidemiology 2. Anatomy of the traditional Nail three. medical styles Correlated with major Routes of access four. medical Diferential analysis five. Mycological exam 6. objectives for the therapy of Onychomycosis 7. overview of present Antifungal remedy eight. Preventative Measures nine. Index

Histotechnik: Praxislehrbuch für die Biomedizinische Analytik

Dieses einmalige Buch zur Histotechnik stellt die unterschiedlichen Techniken, die in einem histologischen hard work angewandt werden, umfassend vor. Diese zweite überarbeitete und aktualisierte Ausgabe wurde um Techniken ergänzt, die in den letzten Jahren entwickelt wurden. So finden sich neben Basisthemen wie Fixierung, Gewebe-Processing und Färbung, die Grundlagen der Immunhistochemie und in-situ-Hybridisierung sowie aktuelle Kapitel zur Molekularpathologie.

Holographic Sensors

This thesis offers a theoretical and experimental process for the speedy fabrication, optimization and checking out of holographic sensors for the quantification of pH, natural solvents, steel cations, and glucose in recommendations. constructing non-invasive and reusable diagnostics sensors that may be simply synthetic will aid the tracking of high-risk members in any medical or point-of-care atmosphere.

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Pharmacogenomics. 11(5), pp. 637-41 McDonald MG, Rieder MJ, Nakano M, Hsia CK, Rettie AE. (2009) CYP4F2 is a vitamin K1 oxidase: an explanation for altered warfarin dose in carriers of the V433M variant. Mol Pharmacol. 1337-1346 Mega JL, Close SL, Wiviott SD, et al. (2009) Cytochrome P-450 polymorphisms and response to clopidogrel. 354-362 Metzker ML. (2011) Sequencing technologies - the next generation. Nature Reviews Genetics, 12, pp. 31-46 Meyerson M, Stacey G, Gad G. (2010) Advances in understanding cancer genomes through second-generation sequencing.

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134-41 Holmes DR Jr, Dehmer GJ, Kaul S, Leifer D, O'Gara PT, Stein CM. (2010) ACCF/AHA clopidogrel clinical alert: approaches to the FDA ““boxed warning””: a report of the American College of Cardiology Foundation J Am Coll Cardiol. 321-341 Howard HC, Joly Y, Avard D, Laplante N, Phillips M, Tardif JC. (2011) Informed consent in the context of pharmacogenomic research: ethical considerations. Pharmacogenomics J. 11(3), pp. 155-61 Hughes S, Hughes A, Brothers C, Spreen W, Thorborn D. (2008) CNA106030 Study Team.

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