Clinical Contraception by Gladys M. Cox (Auth.)

By Gladys M. Cox (Auth.)

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C. c. at three to four days interval, and a total of twelve to eighteen injections were given. Nursing mothers and women sufíering from any inflammatory conditions were excluded from the tests. Treatment was begun in 1932, and thirty-seven women had been immunised. A second course of injections, consisting of only one-half the amount of the first course, is given after an interval of five months. A few of the women had chills and a high temperature with some anaphylactic manifestations; but the menstrual and sexual life of the patients was reported to be unaffected.

Suppositories which have a low melting point are unsuitable for the tropics. Since many patients do, in fact, rely upon the use of a chemical contraceptive without the additional safeguard of a mechanical barrier, I regard the time factor as of great importance. The shorter the time taken to kill all the spermatozoa the better; therefore it is desirable that a spermicidal preparation should fulfil the remaining con­ ditions of harmlessness and general suitability and should act practically instantaneously.

A key is sometimes provided to express the jeUy from the tube into the upper part of the vagina. Part of the jeUy should be expressed into the posterior fornix; the nozzle or tube should then be withdrawn about an inch so that the remainder of the jeUy m a y be expressed just in front of the cervix. METHODS OF CONTRACEPTION 55 The necessity for cleansing the nozzle after use presents real difficulty in some cases ; this difficulty disappears if a number of nozzles is available, each to be used once only and then thrown away.

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