Conquerors' Heritage (The Conquerors Saga, Book 2) by Timothy Zahn

By Timothy Zahn

In Conquerors' Pride, Timothy Zahn, Hugo Award-winning writer of the New York Times bestselling famous person Wars(r) trilogy, unfurled an epic story of drama and braveness because the interstallar Commonwealth confronted savage invasion through alien starships of unknown origin.  Now he probes deeply into the realm of the invaders themselves in a single of the main robust evocations of an alien society ever created.

The Zhirrzh have gained a short lived respite of their warfare with the barbarians.  But the Human  captive Pheylan Cavanaugh has escaped, and for that Thrr-gilag, the younger Searcher, reveals himself disgraced, his bond-engagement to a feminine of a rival extended family imperilled.  Soon he turns into a goal of hidden and robust forces trying to remake Zhirrzh society of their personal cruel image.  His in basic terms desire is to turn out that the overclan experts are wrong:  that it used to be no longer the
Humans who begun the war.

But time is short.  The forces of the Zhirrzh are overextended and face rapid retaliation.  The Zhirrzh have discovered to beat demise itself -- yet even that striking strength might be no fit for the devastating may possibly of the Human Conqueror armadas.  Thrr-gilag quickly involves become aware of that his humans face a two-fold
threat:  destruction via Human know-how. . . or destruction from inside.

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