Cuisine au wok by Siân Davies

By Siân Davies

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Communicative Dynamism (CD) CD refers to the variation in communicative value between different parts of a sentence (Quirk et al, 1985). To illustrate the definition, consider: 1. A: Xiǎo Wáng ne? ) 1 B: Xiǎo Wáng jīntiān méi lái shàng kè. ) In (1B), the subject ‘Xiǎo Wáng’ conveys given information, as it is a proper noun and is mentioned in the preceding sentence. Hence, it carries least CD, since it has little communicative value for the hearer. The CD carried by ‘jīntiān’ (today) is also relatively low, as it only designates the time frame of the discourse both the speaker and the hearer are aware of.

The nominal is definite. In the sentence ‘Běijīng shì yī gè měilì de chéngshì’ (Beijing is a beautiful city), the indefinite nominal characterizes the subject referent. The characterization attribute is normally associated with indefinite NP or can be realized by an adjective. The second example sentence in the Table ‘Fēngjǐng hěn měi’ (The scenery is very beautiful) exemplifies that an adjective (or an adjective phrase) may function as a predicate by itself, it does not require the linking verb ‘shi’ (to be) to become a predicate.

It can be intransitive and take only one argument, as in ‘Shuǐ kāi le, kuài qù chōngchá’ (The water's boiling. Hurry and make tea), and it can also be a transitive verb, as in ‘Qǐng kāi mén’ (Please open the door). •O R G A N I Z A T I O N A L P R I N C I P L E S A N D E S S E N T I A L N O TI O N S • 19 Table I: Chinese Basic Clause types Clause Type SV SVO SAV SVOO SV(O)C Subject (S) Xīngxing Fēngjǐng Lièrén Adverbial (A) (yīzhǎ yīzhǎ de) Verb V shǎnshuò zhe . Complment (C) hěn měi. Bǔhuò le Běijīng Shì Wáng Wéi Lǜshī Wǒ wèi tā gēn tā biànhù.

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