Cumitech 13B: Laboratory Diagnosis of Ocular Infections by James W. Snyder

By James W. Snyder

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C. testing. CoSociety for 70. Sandstrom, K. , T. A. Bell, J. W. Chandler, C. C. Kuo, S. P. Wang, J. T. Grayston, H. M. Foy, W. E. Stamm, M. K. Cooney, A. L. Smith, et al. 1984. Microbial causes of neonatal conjunctivitis. J. Pediatr. 105:706-711. 71. Shields, J. A. 1984. Ocular toxocariasis: a review. Surv. Ophthalmol. 28:361-381. 72 Simon, M. , D. Miller, S. C. Pflugfelder, A. J. Huang, and S. S. Atherton. 1992. Comparison of immunocytology to tissue culture for diagnosis of presumed herpesvirus dendritic epithelial keratitis.

Work Blepharodermatitis. Inflammation of the margin in this Cumitech is from the Sid W. Richardson Ocular of the eyelid and adjacentskin. Microbiology Laboratory, Houston, Tex. Canaliculitis. Inflammation of the punctum and canaliculus portions of the lacrimal outflow system. APPENDIX: STAINS Cellulitis, orbital. Inflammation within the bony Giemsa Stain cavity containingthe eyeball and related structures. 1. Add 1 ml of Giemsa stain (Matheson, Cellulitis, preseptal. ) to 47 ml of orbital rims.

L. Drew. C. 15. Coad, C. , M. S. Osato, and K. R. Wilhelmus. 1984. Bacterial contamination of eyedrop dispensers. Am. J. Ophthalmol. 98:54-59. 16. Couch, J. , W. R. Green, L. W. Hirst, and Z. C. de la Cruz. J. , S. Moller, antibody staining. Arch. Oph- and M. W. Bentzon. flora of the normal conjunctiva. II. Methods cultures. Acta Ophthalmol. 53:237-253. P. , J. T. Fan, R. E. Smith, 1991. Donor 381-386. cornea bacterial 1975. Bacterial of obtaining and M. D. Trousdale. contamination. Cornea 10: 27.

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