Demiurge by Sheldon J. Pacotti

By Sheldon J. Pacotti

Napster and Gnutella are only the start. within the swiftly evolving New financial system, copyright as we all know it could actually be a doomed establishment. How will the entrenched powers protect themselves? Will they be triumphant?

Demiurge is decided hundreds of thousands of years sooner or later, while something and every thing, together with actual items and folks, might be copied and transmitted over the web. the realm executive is dependent upon enforceable copyright legislation not only to control the economic system yet to make sure that every one citizen lives just one lifestyles. while one of many best detectives of the area Police defects, the experts are compelled to create an unlawful reproduction, who's left to find why his unique fled and to choose up the items of the kinfolk he left in the back of.

Meanwhile, many social thinkers think society is plunging into the "fourth rupture," the ethical problem keeping apart the nanotech age from the knowledge age. Can one detective patch up the web prior to the realm dissolves into social and political chaos?

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Sheldon Pacotti is a author for desktop video games at Ion hurricane, the makers of Deus Ex. He holds bachelors levels in arithmetic (MIT) and English literature (Harvard). His brief fiction has seemed within the Bridge, Bellowing Ark, and Foxtail. the 1st bankruptcy of Demiurge positioned Fourth within the L. Ron Hubbard Writers of the long run Contest (Spring, 1996).

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What bothered him most about Stella's responses was their irreverence. Her two copies laughed off his interrogations, too, though with them he was careful not to stray as far into personal matters. Surely other investigators would have noticed it, the complete lack of seriousness, the ability to joke in the face of deletion; the only clear conclusion he could draw was that she had known about the copying beforehand, that she had had time to prepare, mentally, for everything that was happening.

38 Demiurge He told the computer to beam him to Phoenix. His wife and his strangely silent home vanished behind the telepod's sliding metal door. Demiurge 39 Chapter 4 In the realm of fashion, too, the body is gone; all that remains is Image (that is, Moving Image). Videoplastic clothing, now indisputably in vogue, marks the final replacement of human form with cultural form. We are now precisely as beautiful as the skies, the blooming flowers, the love scenes — precisely as beautiful as the programs we zap into our clothing, the little movies we believe communicate something about ourselves, but which, in fact, rub us out, paint us over with fads, with the welter of collective, puerile dreaming.

Surely other investigators would have noticed it, the complete lack of seriousness, the ability to joke in the face of deletion; the only clear conclusion he could draw was that she had known about the copying beforehand, that she had had time to prepare, mentally, for everything that was happening. While the morning's batch of Stellas was being erased, he went through some interrogations that had been conducted in Beijing, looking for verification of his theory. Unfortunately, the irreverence was less apparent in the Beijing archives, and in fact a few of her copies were downright stone-faced, confused about what was going on and cold to the interrogators.

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