Deploying a public key infrastructure by Heinz Johner; et al

By Heinz Johner; et al

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Key pair update Ideally, a key pair should be used as long as possible. In some cases, a key pair needs to be updated (this means the old key pair is replaced with a new key pair, and a new certificate needs to be issued). For example, this operation is required when the private key has been compromised. Another example is that as technology evolves, the key length or its algorithm becomes insufficient to protect the certificate’s trustworthiness. Certificate update (renewal) As certificates expire, they need to be refreshed if nothing relevant in the environment has changed.

The SSL protocol is application independent, and thus, it allows protocols, such as Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP), file transfer protocol (FTP), and Telnet to run on top of it transparently. SSL uses RSA public key cryptography and is capable for client authentication, server authentication and encrypted SSL connection. html IPSec is a set of specifications for authentication, integrity, and confidentiality services based on cryptography at the IP datagram layer. This standard can be used for building secure host-to-host pipes, encapsulated tunnels, and virtual private networks (VPNs) over the Internet.

A PKI offers the base of practical usage of public key cryptography. Originally, PKI was a generic term that meant a set of services that make use of public key cryptography. As previously described, PKI has been exploited in many applications or protocols, such as Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), Secure Multimedia Internet Mail Extensions (S/MIME), IP Security (IPSec), Secure Electronic Transactions (SET), and Pretty Good Privacy (PGP). 509 V3 digital certificate (to be explained later) exploitation within PKI has been one of the most desired standardization issues in e-commerce.

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