Ecological Soil-Cement Bricks from Waste Materials by Wilson Acchar, Sheyla K. J. Marques

By Wilson Acchar, Sheyla K. J. Marques

This e-book proposes using waste from oil drilling and sugar cane bagasse ash within the construction of ecologically pleasant soil-cement bricks. It bargains a potential replacement to the normal bricks available to buy, which use wooden as gasoline: production bricks from waste is less expensive and doesn't require the intake of timber and forests. It additionally proposes an alternative choice to the present discharging of the above-mentioned forms of waste in sanitary landfills, warding off extra environmental problems.

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Bagasse is the solid waste generated during the extraction of juice from the crushing of sugarcane to produce sugar and alcohol. Its chemical composition varies with species of sugarcane being cultivated, types of herbicides and fertilizers used, and natural factors such as climate, soil, and water (Cordeiro 2006). The main solid waste from the sugar and alcohol industry are sugarcane straw, sugarcane bagasse, and sugarcane bagasse ash being classified according to nature as class II; and packaging of pesticides are classified as Class I according to chemical components (FIESP/CIESP 2001).

130f. Dissertation (Masters in Mechanical Engineering)—Faculty of Engineering, Universidade Estadual Paulista, Ilha Solteira Garcia RL, Cowboy RLC (2001) Feasibility of the implementation of land treatment technologies, dilution and burial roadspreading for disposal/drill cuttings remediation in UN-BA. Leopoldo Research and Development Center A. Miguez de Mello, Rio de Janeiro. Technical Communication CT BIO 88/2001 John VM, Cincotto MA, Silva MG (2003) Gray and alternative binders. In: Freire WJ, Beraldo AL (ed) Technology and alternative building materials.

5). 9 shows the absorption of solid bricks after glaze application, in which a decrease in absorption in all formulations in relation to unglazed formulation could be observed. 10 shows the decrease in the water absorption of hollow bricks after glaze application, which may be justified by the thin film that glaze forms on the material, preventing water to infiltrate more easily into the material. 14 present the micrographs of fracture surfaces of specimens concerning the best result obtained by the formulation with ternary combination, waste cement, with the percentages by weight of 12 % of cement and 2 % of ash.

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