El Topo: A Book of the Film. by Alexandro Jodorowsky

By Alexandro Jodorowsky

El Topo: A publication of the movie incorporates a long interview with a director that makes an attempt to provide an explanation for a few of the film's visuals. It additionally comprises the screenplay of the film.

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It's secure to claim that this booklet is straightforward to digest whereas the movie of an analogous identify will most likely make you regergitate every little thing you simply digested. a movie packed with symbolism, mythology, and a excessive doze of violence & "GORE." The booklet is an in-depht mental holiday down of EL TOPO whereas the movie offers with the summary and supernatural. reflect on the television convey "Kung-Fu" with a layer of Antonioni's "Zabrisky Point" a sprincle of Jim Morrison's "HWY" with an incredible splash of spaghetti "For a number of money More" and a crimson sprint of "Apocolypse Now."

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He sees the two women making love. El Topo gives in to death. A band of crippled, insane, retarded people wearing old army uniforms approach the body of El Topo, dragging a stretcher made of branches. They lay El Topo on the stretcher and carry him off. El Topo's voice is heard reciting other psalms. EL TOPO'S VOICE Show me Your ways and Your paths. Guide me. For You are the God of my salvation. I have placed my trust and my hope in You forever. You will teach sinners the way. Your justice will guide the humble.

They advance toward each other, holding their revolvers in their hands. When they reach the center of the corral, separated only by the oval trough, El Topo takes aim. His movement is almost deliberately slow. The Master fires and shoots El Topo in the heart. He falls. He agonizes in pain for a moment, but then rises to his feet, laughing. The Third Master cannot understand why El Topo hasn't died. El Topo continues laughing as he aims his revolver at the Third Master's head, then lowers it to his heart and fires.

With the bottle still in his hand, the Priest embraces Brontis and offers him a drink. Brontis refuses. The church is filled with people chanting and clapping their hands in an ecstatic rhythm. They seem possessed. CONGREGATION You will protect us, Oh Lord. You will protect us, Oh Lord ... The interior walls of the church are covered with white sheets painted in black with the triangle and eye. The Old Priest, his vestments also decorated with the triangle and eye, stands before the congregation and draws a revolver.

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