Electronic Payment Systems for E-Commerce (Artech House by Donal O'Mahony;Michael A. Peirce;Hitesh Tewari;O'Mahony

By Donal O'Mahony;Michael A. Peirce;Hitesh Tewari;O'Mahony Donal;O'Mahony Donal

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Characteristics of current payment systems 17 In the United States, the policy on the new forms of payment has been to adopt a “wait-and-see” attitude. ” Another area where concern could be expected is in the area of monetary policy. If the government is the only issuer of cash in an economy, it can keep a tight rein on the amount of cash in circulation. Operators of stored-value cards or other electronic cash systems could, in principle, affect this balance, decreasing the amount of control a government can exert.

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