Elektrische Maschinen. by Rolf Fischer

By Rolf Fischer

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The installation reference method is method 1, and the ambient temperature will not exceed 30°C. If flat twin cable with CPC is to be used, calculate the minimum cable size. 1 Assessment of general characteristics In this case, the major concern is the maximum demand. It will need to be ascertained whether or not the increased load can be accommodated by the consumer unit and the supplier's equipment. 2 Design current / b (based on rated values) 3 Choice and setting of protection The type of MCB most commonly used in the domestic environment is a Type 2, and the nearest European standard to this is a Type B.

Naturally, any defects found must be rectified before instrument tests are performed. Testing This involves the use of test equipment and there are several important points to be made in this respect. 1 Electronic instruments must conform to BS4743 and electrical instruments to BS5458. 2 The Electricity at Work Regulations 1989, state an absolute requirement in Regulation 4 (4), that test equipment be maintained in good condition. Hence it is important to ensure that regular calibration is carried out.

3 Obtain a resistance reading between the other phase and neutral (Figure 23). ) 4 Join these last two conductors (Figure 24). 5 Measure the resistance value between P and N at each socket on the ring. All values should be the same, approximately a quarter of the reading in (3) above. The test is now repeated but the neutral conductors are replaced by the CPCs. If the cable is twin with CPC, the CPC size will be smaller than the phase conductor, and although the readings at each socket will be substantially the same, there will be a slight increase in values towards the centre Figure 22 58 Inspection and testing of the ring, decreasing back towards the start.

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