Endocrine methods by J A Thomas

By J A Thomas

Endocrine equipment includes descriptions of latest and state-of-the-art methodologies in numerous components of endocrinology, together with receptor idea and immunologic ideas for endocrine examine. The e-book provides step by step methods simply on hand to review the endocrine process and comprises specialists of their respective fields as participants. The booklet provides step by step systems for lots of very important components of endocrine objective organs.Endocrine tools serves as a helpful methodological source for investigators utilizing endocrine tools. contains entire, but fast methodical proceduresOffers a large spectrum of assays together with either in vivo and in vitro platforms vital to different components of hormone researchDescribes numerous innovations for learning receptors, reading osteoblast job, and measuring parathyroid hormonesEncompasses a number of significant study instruments that may be used by the toxicologist and different biomedical scientists

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Barry D. Albertson and I. Robert Swanson 7 FIGURE3. Bioassayof testis-stimulating activity. A unique in vivo bioassay using 1Ne intact male cynomolgus monkeys to detect gonadotropinlike testis-stimulating activity in the blood of boys with familial male precocious puberty (FMPP). ~esthetized monkeys are catheterized via jugular vein to access the spermatic vein (A, note venous plexus) and via femoral a~ery to access the spermatic arte~ (B). ) stimulates monkey testis testosterone production after acute injection into the spermatic arte~.

In "Endocrinology and Metabolism" (P. Felig, J. D. Baxter, A. E. Broadus, and L. A. ), p. 164. ] t m - ~ "~lope =-K _ '~,, I I "I .... I Bo max I Bound I I ! FIGURE 1 7. Theoretical and actual Scatchard analysis of data. The straight line shows the theoretical straight-line relationship; the dashed line indicates the often observed actual Scatchard data. (From F. S. Ashkar, "Radiobioassays," Vol. 1. ) 30 Chapter 1 Assay Techniques Available for the Toxicologist radioimmunoassay data often measured and quantitated very large changes in hormone levels in response to various stimuli, and assay validation and quality control were often ignored.

3. The assay should be accurate. Accuracy is the ability of an assay to measure exactly in a quantitative way the amount of hormone in a biologic fluid or tissue, when that amount is known. However, until the precise chemical structure and properties of the antigen are known, one can only approximate this "true" value by evaluating a "relative ~' accuracy. Accuracy is routinely determined by the ability of the assay to correctly measure the amount of hormone "spiked" into a blank sample. 4. The assay must be precise.

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