Endocrinology of Cardiovascular Function by Gabor M. Rubanyi M.D., Ph.D. (auth.), Ellis R. Levin M.D.,

By Gabor M. Rubanyi M.D., Ph.D. (auth.), Ellis R. Levin M.D., Jerry L. Nadler M.D. (eds.)

Endocrinology of Cardiovascular Function is a becoming inauguration to the Endocrine replace Series. the purpose of those courses is to supply the clinician with innovative, but succinct, entry to the most recent advances in endocrinology. traditionally, our figuring out of hormonal disturbances was once limited to the classical secretory glands and their ambitions. As Endocrinology of Cardiovascular Function so aptly exhibits, endocrinology is not any longer limited through our early physiologic knowing of glandular disease. Endocrinology ofCardiovascular Function has set the normal of excellence for the long run volumes during this sequence.
Shlomo Melmed, M.D. sequence Editor, Endocrine Update
progress elements equivalent to IGF-1 play very important roles in cardiovascular mobile hypertrophy and the reaction to acute vascular damage. From one other point of view, conventional endocrine hormones, akin to estrogen, were discovered to take part in fighting the advance of atherosclerosis in girls, appearing via novel mechanisms on track vascular cells. different `endocrine' hormones, equivalent to PTHRP and adrenomedullin, additionally modulate cardiovascular and renovascular dynamic states, suggesting new roles for those peptides as vasodilators. This multi-authored textual content is devoted to highlighting rising and critical new information about the endocrinology of the cardiovascular approach.
Ellis R. Levin, M.D.

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