Endocrinology of the Heart by W. Kaufmann, G. Wamback (auth.), Prof. Dr. W. Kaufmann,

By W. Kaufmann, G. Wamback (auth.), Prof. Dr. W. Kaufmann, Prof. Dr. G. Wambach (eds.)

Beginning with the morphology of the myoendocrine phone and the biochemistry and body structure of cardiac hor mones, the booklet describes pathophysiological findings and speak about their medical relevance in congestive center failure, arterial high blood pressure, renal insufficiency, and cirrhosis of the liver. in addition, facts is gifted for the position of the center as a goal organ for varied endocrine components equivalent to thyroid hormones, catecholamines, renin-angiotensin, development hormones and endogenous opioids.

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