Fiber-Optic Transmission Networks: Efficient Design and by Stephan Pachnicke

By Stephan Pachnicke

Next new release optical communique structures should delivery a considerably elevated facts quantity at a discounted fee consistent with transmitted bit. to accomplish those formidable objectives optimal layout is important together with dynamic edition to genuine site visitors calls for and greater strength potency.

In the 1st part of the publication the writer elaborates at the layout of optical transmission structures. a number of equipment for effective numerical simulation are offered starting from meta-model established optimization to parallelization ideas for fixing the nonlinear Schrödinger equation. in addition, speedy analytical and semi-analytical types are defined to estimate a few of the degradation results happening at the transmission line.

In the second one part of the ebook operational features of optical networks are investigated. actual layer impairment-aware routing and regenerator placement are studied. eventually, it truly is analyzed how the strength potency of a multi-layer optical middle community may be elevated by way of dynamic version to site visitors styles altering through the day.

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1 nm—is given by [9]: PASE ¼ 2 Á NASE Á B0 : ð3:1-15Þ With the help of Eq. 1-15 the OSNR after amplification can be expressed by: OSNR ¼ Pout : 2nsp Á h Á f0 Á B0 Á ðG À 1Þ ð3:1-16Þ An amplifier can be characterized by a noise figure F. Assuming a signal containing only shot noise (no ASE) at the input and neglecting ASE-shot noise and ASE-ASE-beat noise at the output of the amplifier the noise figure can be expressed as [4, 9] F¼ SNRin 2nsp ðG À 1Þ þ 1 ¼ G SNRout ð3:1-17Þ where both SNR values are electrical signal-to-noise ratios, determined after converting the optical to an electrical signal with a photodiode.

7). In contrast to the stimulated photons, the photons generated by spontaneous emission have a random phase and polarization. Unfortunately, the spontaneous emission is also amplified along the Erbium-doped fiber, which leads to so called amplified spontaneous emission (ASE). As a figure of merit for the degradation of an electrical signal by noise added during optical transmission the optical signal-to-noise ratio (OSNR) is used. For the definition of the OSNR it is assumed that an electrical signal is transmitted through an optical link and converted back at the receiver to the electrical domain.

Mathematically, a 2-D expression of polarization using the electric field vector is known as the Jones vector representation [24], where Ex, Ey, ux and uy are all real numbers.     1 sx Ex ejux   ffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffi q ~ ¼ s¼ ð3:1-39Þ sy Ey ejuy  E2 þ E2  x y The Jones vector describes the state of polarization of the light. Another way of describing the polarization of light is the Stokes vector representation [25]. It consists of four real parameters, where I stands for the optical power: S0 ¼ I S2 ¼ I45 À IÀ45 S1 ¼ I x À I y S3 ¼ IRHC À ILHC : ð3:1-40Þ The abbreviations RHC and LHC stand for right hand circular and left hand circular, respectively.

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