Filter Synthesis Using Genesys S/Filter by Randall W. Rhea

By Randall W. Rhea

This source offers a pragmatic consultant to utilizing Genesys software program for microwave and RF filter out layout and synthesis. the focal point of the booklet is usual filter out layout difficulties and the way to take advantage of direct synthesis to unravel these difficulties. It additionally covers the applying of S/Filter positive factors to fixing vital and customary filter out difficulties.

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The return loss peaks in the passband are not uniformly 20 dB. This is a consequence of errors in the inverter algorithms at 20% bandwidth. Notice that the center frequency is shifted slightly downward for the top-C coupled filter and slightly upward for the shunt-C coupled filter. The Passive Filter module of Genesys includes correction algorithms not included in Matthaei, Young, and Jones. Nevertheless, above 20% bandwidth the inverter errors become significant, and the correction algorithms begin to fail.

1) In this case there are six total TZs, no FTZs, three TZs at DC, and three TZs at infinity, or 20 permutations. However, some permutations are not unique. For example, the sequence DC ∞ DC ∞ DC ∞ and the sequence ∞ DC ∞ DC ∞ DC are essentially identical because they only change the order of the elements in each shunt and each series resonator. In addition, for symmetric filters, the left and right ports may be exchanged resulting in an identical filter with the same element values and only exchanged positions.

These filters are quickly and easily designed using the Passive Filter module of Genesys. This program designs lowpass, highpass, bandpass, and bandstop filters with 21 different topologies and a wide variety of transfer approximation shapes. When the performance and economy of filters designed by the modern method are sufficient, Passive Filter is the tool of choice, since extraction sequences and transforms are not utilized, thus simplifying the design process. The parallel resonator and series resonator topologies are workhorse filters for the frequency range from HF through the lower microwave.

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