Foundation Science for Engineers by Keith L. Watson (auth.)

By Keith L. Watson (auth.)

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E. the line of action passes through 0, so W has no turning effect). If OA is horizontal, then e = 0° or 180°; therefore, cos e = 1 or - 1 and the perpendicular distance is OA, which is its maximum value and gives the maximum moment. e. W cos 8 and W sin 8, respectively. The moment of W sin 8 about 0 is zero, since its line of action passes through 0, but the moment of the perpendicular component is OA x W cos 8, which gives the same result as above. 3 EQUILIBRIUM CONDITIONS For a body to be in equilibrium, the forces acting upon it must balance and their clockwise and anticlockwise moments about any point must be equal.

Find: (a) (b) (c) (d) the acceleration; the distance travelled; the extra time needed to reach 50 m s- 1 ; the uniform acceleration needed to bring it to rest from 50 m s- 1 in a distance of 250m. (a) u = 0, v = 25, t = 10, a = ? 5 m s- 2 (b) u = 0, = 25, t = v 10, s = ? 5, t = ? = 50, v = 0, s = 250, a = ? 2 An object at rest experiences a uniform acceleration of 5 m s- 2 for 6 s. It maintains constant velocity for 14 s and is then brought to rest in 5 s by a uniform retardation. How far has it travelled?

0 N falls to the ground, what is the acceleration of the earth towards the apple? 4N 55 56 Foundation Science for Engineers 2. What is the acceleration of an 18 kg mass upon which a force of 27 N is being exerted? If it starts from rest, how long does it take to cover a distance of 50 m? 3. A mass of 8 kg is being pulled by a force of 34 N in the 3 o'clock direction and by a force of 18 N in the 9 o'clock direction. If its initial speed is 15 m s- 1 , how long does it take for it to reach 30 m s- 1?

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