Games with Pencil and Paper by Eric Solomon

By Eric Solomon

Sixteen pleasing diversions for avid gamers of every age during which merely pencil and paper are wanted. transparent directions and precious illustrations describe tips to play such previous favorites as bins, Hangman, Letter-Strings and Buried Treasure and introduce such much less primary ones as third-dimensional Noughts and Crosses (a model of Tic-Tac-Toe) and Hex, a online game of conflict.

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T6-Handshakes and Networks Prove that at a recent convention of biophysicists the number of scientists in attendance who shook hands an odd number of times is even. The same problem can be expressed graphically as follows. Put as many dots (biophysicists) as you wish on a sheet of paper. Draw as many lines (handshakes) as you wish from any dot to any other dot. A dot can "shake hands" as often as you please, or not at all. Prove that the number of dots with an odd number of lines joining them is even.

If the tiger sprang through the door, the man's fate was considered a just punishment for his crime. If the lady stepped forth, the man's innocence was rewarded by a marriage ceremony performed on the spot. The king, having discovered his daughter's romance with a certain courtier, has placed the unfortunate young man on trial. The princess knows which door conceals the tiger. She also knows that behind the other door is the fairest lady of the court, whom she has observed making eyes at her lover.

Only an even number of odd numbers will total an even number, so we conclude that an even number of men shook hands an odd number of times. There are other ways to prove the theorem; one of the best was sent to me by Gerald K. S. Navy. At the start of the convention, before any handshakes have occurred, the number of persons who have shaken hands an odd number of times will be zero. " From now on, handshakes are of three types: between two even persons, two odd persons, or one odd and one even person.

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