German Divisional Emblems

Идентификатор дивизионных эмблем германских вооруженных силдля британских военнослужащих по состоянию на 1-е января 1945г.

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Known as "Greif Division"­ 123 Irf Dlv * a) pre-1943 White 125 Inf Div a) 1943 CU b) 1943 White weasel on rook, DU 126 Inf Div a) Jul 43 129 Inf Div a) Unidentified b) pre-194^ V/hite and black a) 1944 131 Inf Dlv White and black a) Unidentified 132 Inf Dlv b) pre-194;5 CU $ H­ ; ; -28­ L M -29­ Divisions a) Current \D) Alternate 134 InfDiv * Remarks a) 194; Green with white border 137 Inf Slv * a) Unidentified b) pre White and black 148 Inf Div a) Unidentified b) Jun 43 White with black insid lino.

A) Unidentified 36 Inf Div iv a (Disbanded) V/hite lines 59 Inf Div * IT" II a) 1£ Pr o b ab ly w h i t e a) April 44 Blue-green with yellow ed^e and design. In center Yellow eagle on white shield. 44 Inf Tiv X*—ri -21­ Divisions Designs Current b) Alternate 45 Inf riv Remarks a) Undated CU, unconfirmed 46 Inf Div a White jumping Q + O I— TV7O 44 b) 194 soldier 's boots, DU, CU a) Uni denti f i ed b) Mar 43 Ace of clubs, black, was emblem of 157 Div prior to conversion. lossibly still in use.

Division' a) Ourrout1 H • airsna Remarks ID) Altcrnat a) unidentified 183 Inf Liv 189 Inf Civ Jun TWO green or,k leaves • DU Unconfirmed b) I:ar 43 W h i t e , Euiblc-m of 189 Res Div prior to conversion a) Unidentified 196 Inf Biv a) 194; 197 Inf Dlv CU a) 194; 198 Inf Div Red r 3rp. ) J u n 203 Inf M v Black letter (which may vary according to cor;, and or) on white ground* Outline in varying; colors. 211 Inf Ply a) Pink and white, unconfirmed x a) pro-194-p 212 Inf Dlv i Q n --4D 11 CU, Represents Fraucnkircho, Kunich.

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