Go Figure! Using Math to Answer Everyday Imponderables by Clint Brookhart

By Clint Brookhart

Move determine. is a fascinating and numerous choice of maths-related anecdotes, puzzles and formulation. It indicates readers the entire attention-grabbing issues they could determine utilizing easy algebra.'

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12 ͚2 ϭ 2 i iϭ1 212 Ϫ 1 4,096 Ϫ 1 ϭ2 ϭ 8,190 2Ϫ1 1 As many as 8,190 people played a role in your being here today, fewer if any of those 8,190 people had common ancestors themselves. You can use the formula for the sum of a geometric series to solve the following example. Example: A worker was offered a month’s employment at 2 cents for the first day, 4 cents for the second day, then 8 cents, 16 cents, 32 cents, and so forth. What are the total wages for four 5-day weeks (the twenty working days in a month) using the formula, a1 = 2, r = 2, and n = 20?

Since the tests were performed in 1988 and the age of the shroud is about 725 years, it dates from about the year 1988 – 725 = 1263, according to this formula. Carbon dating can be used for materials from a few hundred years old to about fifty thousand years old. 3 percent of carbon remaining in an organic sample, what would the age T of the sample be? 809) T ϭ 48,024 years Something for Everyone California Earthquakes Three Mini Big Ones in Four Years! Californians grow up with earthquakes. Most quakes are small, less than magnitude 5.

Of course, we can use interest tables, but let’s do our own figuring! The following formula is simple to apply. If P is the principal or the amount borrowed, nm is the number of monthly payments, and i m is the monthly interest rate, then the amount of each monthly payment is: Aϭ ΂1 Ϫ (1 ϩ i ) ΃P im m Ϫnm For example, you purchase a $20,000 automobile at 12% annual interest to be paid for over 48 months. How much do you pay each month? 01. 68 Something for Everyone Remember that a –x = 1/a x . 01–48 first.

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