Hair and its disorders: biology, pathology and management by Francisco M. Camacho, Vera H. Price, Valerie A. Randall

By Francisco M. Camacho, Vera H. Price, Valerie A. Randall

This multi-national textual content covers up to date elements of hair follicle biology examine and the pathogenesis and therapy of such vital and common difficulties as alopecia, hirsutism, and abnormalities precipitated by means of cosmetics and styling.

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Curr Biol 1998; 8: 1058-1068. 49. : Essential role fo r Sonic hedgehog during hair follicle morphogenesis. Devel Biol 1999, 205: 1-9. 50. Gorlin RJ: Nevoid basal cell carcinoma syndrome. D erm atol Clin 1995; 13: 13-25. 51. : Human hom olog of patched, a candidate gene for the basal cell nevus syndrom e. Science 1996; 272: 1668-1671. 52. : Activating sm oothened m utations in sporadic basal-cell carcinoma. Nature 1998; 391: 90-92. 53. Dahmane N, Lee J, Robins P, Heller P, Ruiz I, Altaba A: Activation of the transcription factor GIi 1 and the Sonic hedgehog signaling pathway in skin tum ours.

The principles of these m orphogenetic processes and their m olecular basis, including signaling m olecules and adhesion molecules, have also been described. Skin appendages represent regulated new grow ths whereas skin tum ors represent de regulated new growths. It is hoped that w hat is learned in the field of developm ental biology of skin appendages can be applied to the study of epidermal pre cursor cells to influence morphogenesis and differentiation in tissue regeneration and engineering.

25-85 The m ajor fam ilies include Hox, Msx, and Dlx. Hox genes are essential fo r the patterning and developm ent of m any segmental structures in vertebrates as well as invertebrates. 87 In the mouse em bryonic skin, Hox c8 was expressed in tw o graded patterns along the cephalocaudal and dorsal-ventral axis in the epithelial cells of the developing hair follicle, as well as the dermal papilla. Hox d9 and Hox d l l were expressed in the epithelial cells o f the DEVELOPMENTAL BIOLOGY OF HAIR FOLLICLES AND OTHER SKIN APPENDAGES follicle during the form ation o f the hair bud.

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