Handbook of Energy Data and Calculations. Including by Peter D. Osborn

By Peter D. Osborn

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The outdoor air supply rates take account of the likely density of occupation and of the type and amount of smoking. A24 Tables of contaminants, poisons, toxic vapours and dusts Refer to Section B19. 0 Mass of adsorbed contaminant expressed as a percentage of the mass of carbon. These are TLV ceiling values which should not be exceeded; others are TLV-time weighted average values based on 8 hr day or 40 hr week. For T L V s öf quartz, silica, silicates and all forms of asbestos, refer to data published by the American Conference of Governmental Industrial Hygienists, from whose 1983 publication information on TLV is derived and published with their permission.

N)VOMts)4w L»>NjQ0VßOlOWiktftO\ O 00 ( ^ Os O SO Os 00 LA H-» tO La SO La Os tO CA > tO tO La tO K ) M ( > LA μ^ H- O >3M " SSK tO tO tO La La La La La ω k Vω vω £ La La Γ LA La ►-* s o ^ a . SsOs OS L* L/l 4 * 4*> 4 * W La I^Ss""" LA LA LA LA LA ü ΰ ο* 8 so so oo oo 3 5 LOW W W ( 4*. 4*> *-» O < fc> [o 1 n VS A34 Superheated steam: variation with temperature of total specific enthalpy (kj/kg) (top lines) and specific volume (m3/kg) (bottom lines) Absolute pressure (bar) Saturation temp.

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