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The well is full of 44° API oil. The oil company wishes to circulate water down to the packer before setting the packer. What is the net force on the packer after setting the packer and bleeding off the annulus pressure? 34 lb/gal water Packer set with 15,000 lbs compression.

There are a great many models of retrievable packers from a variety of manufacturers, but most can be classified as one of the following types: 4 Compression Packer with Hydraulic Hold-Downs These packers are set with tubing weight slacked off onto the packer. A set of hydraulically actuated slips prevent the packer from moving up the well in the presence of high pressure below the packer. The Model ‘SR-1’ and ‘Omegamatic Service Packer’ are examples of this type of packer. The hold-down systems of these packers also include an unloader piston which pushes down on the packer mandrel to help keep the valve closed.

05195 gal/(ft·in2). 548 psi/ft × 1,500 ft = 823 psi Gas Gradients As mentioned earlier, gases also exert hydrostatic pressure. Unlike liquid, gas will compress under pressure and hence its density will increase. In other words, under high pressure more gas will fit into a fixed volume than under low pressure. Since hydrostatic pressure depends on density, gas will exert greater hydrostatic pressure as the applied pressure increases. Temperature also affects the density of a gas. As temperature decreases, gas density increases.

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