Hydraulics of Pipeline Systems by Bruce E. Larock

By Bruce E. Larock

The 1st of its variety, this contemporary, entire textual content covers either research and layout of piping platforms. The authors start with a assessment of uncomplicated hydraulic ideas, with emphasis on their use in pumped pipelines, manifolds, and the research and layout of enormous pipe networks. After the reader obtains an knowing of the way those rules are carried out in laptop ideas for regular country difficulties, the focal point then turns to unsteady hydraulics. those are lined at 3 degrees:

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2 2 The pump shown below delivers 8 ft3/s of water. 0 lb/in2 . (a) Draw a diagram of the system and locate the EL and HGL at sections 1 and 2 in the diagram. (b) Determine the required hp and power that must be supplied by the pump to the water to deliver this discharge. Neglect pipe friction and local losses. (c) If the rotative speed of the pump impeller is 1000 rev/min, what type of pump is this? 2 8" d i a. 12' 1 10" dia. 2 m3/s of water from a lake on a mountainside at elevation 1905 m to a farm sprinkler system 6 km away at elevation 1795 m.

02 is a suitable friction factor and neglecting junction and other minor losses, estimate the required water surface elevation in the reservoir to fulfill these requirements. Elev. = ? Road 40 - Elev. 0 0f t 21 ports @ 5 ft ctrs. 100 ft 41 ports @ 5 ft ctrs. 3 . 3 Consider n equally-spaced ports in a length L of pipe having diameter D and friction factor f. Assume equal discharge q from each port. (a) Including friction but not junction losses, is it possible for the hydraulic grade line to have the same elevation at both ends of the manifold section of the pipe?

4. THREE RESERVOIR PROBLEM Problems involving pipe flow between more than two reservoirs will always require some form of iterative solution. Here we examine briefly an economical solution strategy for these problems. In Chapter 4 a computer-oriented solution to such problems will be detailed. 7 The figure below is a diagram of the three reservoir problem; the reservoirs are connected by three pipes with an external demand at the common junction of the pipes. The highest reservoir has a water surface elevation of 100 m; the middle reservoir water surface elevation is 85 m; and the lowest reservoir has a water surface elevation of 60 m.

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