IEEE Guide for Diagnostic Field Testing of Electric Power by IEEE Power Engineering Society. Power System Instrumentation

By IEEE Power Engineering Society. Power System Instrumentation and Measurements Committee

A strategy for constructing caliber requisites and picking, imposing, interpreting and validating the method and product software program caliber metrics is outlined. The method spans the whole software program life-cycle.

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In applications (d) and (e), that is where only one quantity is to be measured, then an electromagnet as shown in Fig. 5 may be used. The short-circuited turn produces a phase displacement in the fluxes in adjacent poles causing m o v e m e n t of the disc. The torque is proportional to the square of the current or voltage. Further applications using this type of electromagnet are where the relay is required to respond to the sum or more usually the difference between two quantities, for example when used in a biased differential scheme where the vector sum is compared to the vector difference of two currents.

Alternatively, if linearity is required up to, say, 20 x Ct rating then the total i m p e d a n c e R2 + Rb +jXb should not exceed 1 2 0 / 2 0 - 6f2. 46 Current and voltage transformers for protection Fig. 4 CT magnetising characteristic Open-circuited current transformer If the impedance R~ +jXb is very high then the voltage calculated from 12(R2 + Rb +jXa) would be very large, well above knee-point value and Ie would become significantly large in the ampere-turn balance equation NlI1 = N2 (12 + Iv) and 12 would be reduced.

4 / 0 0 . 4/0 Current setting network -----I i I I Analogue to digital converter J I I Charocteristic selector switches Fig. 14 Simplified block diagram of a microprocessor-based over-current relay 16/0 ~ - - 8/0 J 4/0 L___T___Ji r_ ,J I ~ 2/0 I/0 Instantaneous (high-set) setting switches Relays 39 Relays based on electronic techniques offer many advantages over the more usual electromechanical type. Apart from the obvious advantage of no moving parts the power requirements are low and therefore smaller current and voltage transformers can be used to provide the input.

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