Ion-Selective Electrodes by Konstantin N. Mikhelson

By Konstantin N. Mikhelson

Ion-selective electrodes (ISEs) have quite a lot of functions in scientific, environmental, nutrition and pharmaceutical research in addition to extra makes use of in chemistry and lifestyles sciences. in line with his profound adventure as a researcher in ISEs and a direction teacher, the writer summarizes present wisdom for complex educating and coaching reasons with a selected concentrate on ionophore-based ISEs. insurance contains the fundamentals of measuring with ISEs, crucial membrane strength idea and a entire review of a number of the periods of ion-selective electrodes. the foundations of creating ISEs are defined, and the move of equipment into regimen research is taken into account. complex scholars, researchers, and practitioners will make the most of this expedient introduction.

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There are also experimental sources for the variation of the selectivity coefficients. The point is that the ion exchange at the membrane/solution interface causes small deviations of the composition of the solution in the vicinity of the membrane when compared with the composition of the solution in the bulk [11]. Let us consider first the measurements of the selectivity coefficients by the separate solutions method. The method suggests that the ISE selective to I zI ions is immersed into a pure solution containing J zJ ions.

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