Kathy Jacobs On PowerPoint by Kathy Jacobs

By Kathy Jacobs

Learn how to layout displays to slot any viewers, create experiences and graphical essays, use PowerPoint with different Microsoft place of work items, and extra with this timesaving advisor.

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Kathy Jacobs On PowerPoint

Learn how to layout displays to slot any viewers, create stories and graphical essays, use PowerPoint with different Microsoft workplace items, and extra with this timesaving advisor.

Care for the Dying: A Pathway to Excellence

Marie Curie Centre Liverpool, united kingdom. textual content presents instructions for the care of the loss of life in line with the Liverpool built-in Care Pathway for the demise sufferer (LCP). contains evidence-based practices and describes the method of care and results. Discusses bedside documentation structures, regulations and methods, criteria of perform, and caliber development courses.

CIO Survival Guide: The Roles and Responsibilities of the Chief Information Officer

CIO Survival advisor is a management guide for the rising function of the executive info Officer. This booklet helps and courses CIOs in buying or improving their technical abilities and management expertise to be a whole and revered member of the administrative staff. It contains exposition and perform of the abilities and skills required to be a winning CIO.

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