King Lear (Webster's Chinese-Traditional Thesaurus Edition) by William Shakespeare

By William Shakespeare

This variation is written in English. in spite of the fact that, there's a working Chinese-Traditional glossary on the backside of every web page for the more challenging English phrases highlighted within the textual content. there are various variations of King Lear. This version will be beneficial if yo

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Chinese Simplified beg: 恳求, 乞求, 要求. boy: 男孩, 男孩子, 男孩儿, 小子. dog: 狗, 犬. drink: 喝, 饮用, 饮, 饮料. fire: 火, 射击, 失火, 火灾, 发射, 火力. fool: 呆子, 笨蛋, 傻子, 笨人, 愚人. gall: 胆汁, 胆. heed: 注意, 理会, 理睬. kennel: 狗屋. lady: 女士, 夫人. whip: 鞭打, 鞭子, 鞭. living: 活泼的. mine: 矿, 我的, 矿山, 矿井. score: 比分, 得分, 成绩. speech: 演说, 言语, 报告. stand: 站住, 主张, 架子, 站立, 耐, 站, 架. stink: 发臭. teach: 教, 教导, 讲课. tens: 十个. thee: 你. 32 King Lear FOOL. -Can you make no use of nothing, nuncle? LEAR. % FOOL. [to KENT] Pr'ythee tell him, so much the rent of his land comes to: he will not believe a fool.

Guard: 警卫, 警备, 把守, 保守, 守卫, 防卫, 警戒. hear: 听见, 听取, 听. hither: 到此处. ho: 吓声. perforce: 不得已地. queasy: 不喜欢的. quit: 退出, 退离. seem: 显得, 看来, 彷佛, 好象. spoken: 说话. sure: 肯定. sword: 剑. weaves: 编织. word: 字, 词, 单词, 誓言. yourself: 你自己. --Father, father! Stop, stop! No help? ] GLOSTER. Now, Edmund, where's the villain? EDMUND. Here stood he in the dark, his sharp sword out, Mumbling of wicked charms, conjuring the moon To stand auspicious mistress,-GLOSTER. But where is he? EDMUND. Look, sir, I bleed. GLOSTER. Where is the villain, Edmund?

Happy: 快乐, 愉快, 幸福, 快活, 美好, 欢乐, 高兴, 快乐的, 喜悦, 舒畅, 愉快的. hollow: 凹陷, 中空的, 空心, 空虚. horrible: 可怕, 恐怖的. hunt: 打猎, 狩猎. low: 低, 卑下, 低廉, 浅的, 低的. lunatic: 丧心病狂, 疯子. nakedness: 裸出. near: 近, 靠近, 接近, 比邻. object: 对象, 物件, 宾语, 物体, 物, 事物. port: 港口, 接口, 端口. presented: 提出. preserve: 保藏, 保全, 保留, 维修. proof: 证据, 证明, 证, 论证. roaring: 叫声. smile: 微笑, 笑容. sometime: 某时, 日后, 日後. unusual: 不平常, 特殊, 非常, 特别, 反常, 反常的, 奇花异草. villages: 村庄. winds: 风. wooden: 木制, 木制的.

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