La Grande triade by René Guénon

By René Guénon

Beaucoup comprendront sans doute, par le seul titre de cette étude, qu'elle se rapporte surtout au symbolisme de l. a. culture extrême-orientale, vehicle on sait assez généralement le rôle que joue dans celle-ci le ternaire formé par les termes Ciel, Terre, Homme (Tien-ti-jen) ; c'est ce ternaire que l'on s'est habitué à désigner plus particulièrement par le nom de Triade, même si l'on n'en comprend pas toujours exactement le sens et l. a. portée, que nous nous attacherons précisément à expliquer ici, en signalant d'ailleurs aussi les correspondances qui se trouvent à cet égard dans d'autres formes traditionnelles [...].

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Thought, however, can be communicated to a second signifying [agent], as with all things from outside, only in space, via an intuition or a feeling. /Space is the outer condition, time the inner condition, of sensible intuition, or feeling/ Consequently only through a sign. But if, as just stated, sign and signified are completely separated, if they are related only in the first signifying [agent], then it can only be an accident or a miracle if the signified is received by the second signifying [agent] through such a sign.

Here philosophy is at a standstill and must remain so – because life consists precisely in this, that it cannot be grasped. Philosophy can aim only at being. Human beings feel the boundary that circumscribes everything for them, for themselves, the first act; they must believe it, as certainly as they know everything else. Consequently we are here not yet transcendent, but rather in the I and for the I. In order to conceive itself the I must represent to itself another like itself, anatomize, as it were.

This would be Fichte’s [notion of] intellect. The absolute I is this determined matter before the original act occurs in it, before reflection is applied to it/ Thus we have observed the most natural path in our deduction of philosophy – The need for a philosophy in consciousness – apparent progress from limited to unlimited – reflection upon that – apparent progress from unlimited to limited – results of this reflection – results of the feeling of this reflection – reflection upon these results according to those results – Discovered connection, or philosophy.

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