Lawyers, Guns & Money: The New Inquisition Sourcebook by Greg Stolze

By Greg Stolze

What do you get for the fellow who desires every little thing? How approximately his personal clandestine community of tricked-out magick-workers, cold-blooded psycho-killers, and that man you knew in 3rd grade who did trigonometry with frog's legs and constantly smelled like broccoli? Eccentric billionaire Alex Abel employed them, gave them new identities, and despatched them into the occult underground to fan the flames of difficulty. If difficulty is your heart identify, the recent Inquisition desires YOU! This sourcebook by way of Unknown Armies co-creator Greg Stolze covers UA's largest cabal like a snitch jacket: heritage, constitution, high-tech gear, magickal equipment, pattern brokers, intelligence dossiers, secrets and techniques Alex Abel does not wish you to understand, and missions that would smear your face around the partitions of infinity when you are usually not smarter, harder, and more bizarre than the following man. Psych up, punk, and prepare to get risky.

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The only thing Abel dislikes about the Order of Saint Cecil is their “slash and burn” policy when it comes to potentially valuable texts and artifacts. Not only does this unwillingness to confront the facts of magick make them ill-prepared to fight it, it results in the loss of information that could be helping Abel towards his goals. Consequently, Abel only floats a tip to the Order if he’s sure the target has no new information or useful equipment. Since he’d rather be safe than sorry, this really doesn’t happen that often.

Some pens carry a knockout drug and others are just plain fatal. As a rule of thumb, it takes a matched success on a Body check to resist the effects of whatever the pen is loaded with. Car bomb. With seventy-two hours’ notice, TNI can deliver a standard Bondwagon packed solid with plastique wired to a detonator in the dashboard. The timer is set using the built-in clock on the cruddy aftermarket stereo, and can be set to go off up to twenty-four hours later. While the timer counts down, the clock just displays the normal time; the countdown can be accessed by pushing in the volume knob.

Chloe Greene (see UA p. 190) is a drone. Dunce: Someone with D-Level clearance. ” Flea: An insignificant independent operator; a nobody. Dr. Apoida (see UA p. 203) is a flea. The Flea Circus: The occult underground. ” Flyswatter: Anyone who specializes in killing adepts. Often applied to the Sleepers. Freakshow: Used as an adjective to describe something particularly disturbing and unpleasant, usually within an unnatural context. “So then all this black ooze starts pouring out his body, and one of his eyeballs pops out with it.

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