Lucky Starr and the Moons of Jupiter by Isaac Asimov

By Isaac Asimov

Fortunate Starr and the Moons of Jupiter is the 5th novel within the fortunate Starr sequence, six juvenile technology fiction novels by means of Isaac Asimov that initially seemed below the pseudonym Paul French. the unconventional used to be first released through Doubleday & corporation in August 1957. it's the in simple terms novel via Asimov set within the Jovian system.

Lucky Starr and the Moons of Jupiter happens within the Jovian procedure. within the mid-1950s, while the radical was once written, Jupiter had twelve identified satellites. the 1st half the unconventional occurs on what used to be then the outermost identified satellite tv for pc, Jupiter IX, came across by way of Seth Barnes Nicholson in 1914. Jupiter IX were given the unofficial identify Hades in 1955, yet within the novel Asimov mistakenly refers to it as Adrastea, which used to be the unofficial identify of Jupiter XII. The confusion no doubt arose from the truth that Jupiter IX was once the 12th farthest recognized satellite tv for pc, whereas Jupiter XII was once the 9th farthest identified satellite tv for pc. In 1975, the overseas Astronomical Union gave Jupiter IX the respectable identify Sinope. Asimov describes Jupiter IX as being 89 miles in diameter, yet its diameter is now regarded as in simple terms 23 miles.

Part of the radical is additionally set on Io, the innermost of the Galilean moons. Io is depicted as having a skinny surroundings of methane, and fields of ammonia snow and ice, in addition to rivers of liquid ammonia.

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