Mandarin Chinese visual phrase book by Margaret Parrish; Shuang Zou

By Margaret Parrish; Shuang Zou

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Zao/wan yidian youweizi ma My name is… ㊠䜓⒜⯦㚾¤ wo de mingzishi My telephone number is… ㊠䜓䗄屬⒆䢐㚾¤ wode dianhuahaoma shi I have a reservation ㊠㞘椓Ⱙ woyou yuding in the name of… 䖷¤䜓⒜⯦ yong…de mingzi We haven’t booked ㊠ύ㴰㞘椓就 women meiyou yuding Can we sit here? ㊠ύ⑾ὴ⟟➷恨扛⒦" women keyi zuozai zheli ma Can we sit outside? ㊠ύ⑾ὴ⟟➷⦥柱⒦" women keyi zuozai waimian ma I’m waiting for someone ㊠➷䯘Ὁ wozai dengren 44 EATING OUT ORDERING A MEAL May we see… ㊠ύ⑾ὴ䞚ẏẚ¤ women keyi kanyixia …the menu? ¤呫⏤⒦" caidanma …the wine list?

Yi jia …a cabin? ¤⎔勀焭 baocang Can I buy a ticket on board? ㊠⑾ὴ➷勈ẙỿ䧷⒦焭 wo keyi zai chuanshang maipiao ma Is there wheelchair access? 恨⇎㞘忽㦔悩惢⒦焭 zhe’r you lunyitongdao ma Can we eat on board? ㊠ύ⑾ὴ➷勈ẙⳀ榟⒦焭 women keyi zai chuanshang jiucan ma 㗠䖮売 㗠䖮➗ jiushengyi life jacket jiushengquan life ring ⑛ῢ勈 㻇ở勈 shuangtichuan catamaran youlechuan pleasure boat 37 38 GETTING AROUND AIR TRAVEL Which terminal do I need? ㊠枏娐⑊╹ẹ₨㟉㨋焭 wo xuyao qu nage houjilou Where do I check in? ㊠⑊╹⌭䒕䜊㟉㋚佼焭 wo quna banli dengji shouxu Where is/are… 愲ẹ愲Ἢ➷╹¤ nage/naxie zaina …the arrival terminal?

Wo zai shangche zhiqian yao jianpiao ma For how long is the ticket valid? 䧷㞘㗗⦩明㚅暃焭 piao youxiao duochang shijian You may hear… ● ● ⊦念Ὕ¤䭨⑿䩊⾏ lieche cong…zhantai likai The train leaves from platform… `ご椊㏱ủ⊦念 ni bixu huancheng lieche You must change trains. 32 GETTING AROUND TRAVELING BY TRAIN Do you have a timetable? `㞘㚅⋊壷⒦焭 ni you shikebiao ma What time is… ὏ỗ㚅暃¤ shenme shijian …the next train to…? ¤ẚ帮⑊䜓⊦念焭 xiatang qu…de lieche …the last train to…? ¤⑊¤䜓㞺䑼念 qu…de mobanche Which platform does it leave from?

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