Manual on the causes and control of activated sludge by David Jenkins

By David Jenkins

content material: Solids Separation difficulties --
Activated Sludge Floc --
Solids Separation difficulties by way of Floc constitution --
Dispersed development --
Viscous Bulking --
Pin Floc --
Filamentous Bulking --
Foam/Scum --
Differentiation of Microbial and Process-Related Solids Separation difficulties --
Microscopic exam equipment --
Filament Counting tools --
overall prolonged Filament size --
Filament count number --
Nocardioform Filament Organism Counting --
Floc and Filamentous Microorganism Characterization --
Sampling issues --
Sampling Frequency --
pattern shipping and garage --
Microscope --
Cameras --
Staining techniques --
pattern education --
Floc features and total Filament Abundance --
Floc measurement --
Floc features --
Protozoa and different Macroorganisms --
Nonbiological natural and Inorganic debris --
Bacterial Colonies --
Cells Dispersed in Bulk answer --
results of Filamentous Organisms on Floc constitution --
Filamentous Organism Abundance --
Filamentous Organism features --
Branching --
Motility --
Filament form --
position --
connected micro organism --
Sheath --
Cross-Walls (Cell Septa) --
Filament Width --
Filament size --
mobilephone form --
cellphone dimension --
Sulfur Deposits --
different Granules --
Staining Reactions --
extra Observations --
Filamentous Organism id --
utilizing the Dichotomous Key --
development Your abilities --
Filamentous Organism Descriptions --
Sphaerotilus natans (Figures 2.9c, 2.13b, 2.14f, and 2.21a) --
variety 1701 (Figure 2.21b) --
Haliscomenobacter hydrossis (Figure 2.21c).

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Sample text

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