Mastering the modern Benoni and the Benko Gambit by Robert Bellin, Pietro Ponzetto

By Robert Bellin, Pietro Ponzetto

1990 Out of Print tremendous infrequent PAPERBACK from MacMillian Chess Library * the acquisition of this merchandise additionally qualifies you to obtain 4 (4) loose 'Thank you' presents from LabateChessPlus. Upon seeing check, we'll ship you an electronic mail with our, as of Sept. sixteen, 2014, 60 unfastened decisions so you might make a choice from, after which you could e mail us the alternative of your loose 'Thank you' present * buy (2) or extra separately indexed goods right here on Amazon, and that i will improve your united states delivery to precedence Mail (2-3 days supply estimate) at no extra cost * also, whilst 'earning' Upgraded delivery, you furthermore may qualify for another " 'Thank You' Gift". if you find yourself performed making your decisions, please ship me an e mail asking for that I 'correct' your transport to Upgraded, in addition to to enable me recognize your collection of your " 'Thank You' Gift"!! * 23 hr delivery or quicker!! accurately packaged with supply monitoring, with confirming electronic mail to the client. * From a SMOKE-FREE domestic * thanks for having a look - Edward Labate, nationwide Chess grasp, Las Vegas, NV united states

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