Microwave mixers by Stephen A Maas

By Stephen A Maas

Offers an creation to basic mixer forms, in addition to adaptations at the classical mixer designs

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1. This figure was drawn with the help of numerical computer solutions of the eigenvalue equations for even S s 1J Rectangular Dielectric Waveguides Fig . 1 Leaky wave trajectories 49 in the complex í plane for hollow dielectric waveguides. and odd modes of the symmetric hollow dielectric waveguide. For very large values of W, the trajectory of solutions points moves up along the positive imaginary í axis reaching v = 0 and v = oo at W = oo. For decreasing values of W, the values of v become increasingly more negative, while v decreases.

Its simplicity allows us to study the properties of wave propagation in dielectric waveguides without the encumberance of tedious mathematical expressions. However, in most practical applications more complicated waveguides are used. The waveguides used in integrated optics are usually rectangular strips of dielectric material that are embedded in other Fig . 1 Rectangular dielectric waveguide in an integrated optics application. / 50 The Asymmetric Slab Waveguide Fig . 2 Schematic of the five dielectric regions of a rectangular The field in the shaded regions is ignored in the approximation.

5-53) for the loss coefficient. In low-loss hollow dielectric waveguides, we must assume that the ray impinges on the core boundary with very small angles, so that ê, given by Eq. 2-13), is very nearly zero. 6-3) and A useful formula for the power loss coefficient 2a is thus obtained from Eq. 6-4) The allowed values of ê are given by Eq. 6-5) so that we obtain from Eq. 6-6) /2 (Nn/d) y and from Eq. 6-9) x In order to achieve low leaky wave loss in the hollow dielectric waveguide we must choose the mode number Í small and the core width d large.

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