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What do you think comes next? Geometrical Diagrams Throughout this book I have drawn geometrical diagrams that reveal some of the startling symmetries of magic squares not obvious from the number arrays. The traditional method for drawing such diagrams, which probably dates back more than a century,14 lists all of the numbers in the square and connects those numbers that are in the same rows. Usually the geometrical diagrams are presented in two columns of interconnected dots, and you’ll see some of my favorite diagrams in Gallery 1, which includes information on the Franklin square.

There is even a special number array for people who feel that others are talking behind their backs. The following array, known as Swara-e-Manafakoon, can also be used if people have hurt you in some way. The 4 × 3 rectangle contains numbers of three, four, and five digits, and one of the numbers is repeated. Don’t get mad, get even! If you’d like to try this square, you are supposed to recite the numbers 160 times and then keep the number array with you to prevent a recurrence of the problem. 7753 177 408 7355 7754 157 1530 17,750 17,749 177 156 17,751 Swara-e-Manafakoon The following 3 × 3 square (a version of the Lo-shu) is used in India to find missing people.

The original dai gohonzon—the supergohonzon for all humanity—resides in a temple in Kyoto. No photographs of the dai gohonzon are allowed, and no pictures have been published. To the Nichiren Buddhists, the gohonzon symbolizes the superiority of the Lotus Sutra over other religions and sects. Nichiren himself drew many gohonzon mandalas that he gave to his followers. Since the followers were only entitled to the mandalas while they lived, the mandalas were returned to the temples after the deaths of the followers.

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