Mobile communications : an introduction to new media by Leslie Haddon; Nicola Green

By Leslie Haddon; Nicola Green

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Nokia, in particular, has been picked out in accounts of the development of the mass market for its changes in mobile handset branding. Nokia innovated in terms of producing new designs, a range of product releases and accessories, which all encouraged people to think of different phones to suit different lifestyles (and consumers themselves had a part to play in these developments). The Nokia handsets therefore allowed consumers, in various ways (such as changing covers), to customize their phones.

In the end, the regulator intervened history and industry 25 26 mobile communications to limit the amount of discounting, but in a very short period the beginnings of a mass market had emerged. For example, at the start of the campaign, TeleDanmark Mobile hoped for 15,000 new customers, three or four times normal demand for that period. In practice, they got 65,000 new customers in that one short campaign. In Sonofon’s original planning, they had expected to have 25,000 by 1995. In fact, the rapid development of the market meant that they achieved 100,000 by that date (COST 248 Mobile Workgroup, 1997).

The other relevant technology prior to the mobile phone mass market is, arguably, paging. e. beyond the emergency services) by Motorola in 1974. When someone wanted to contact a person who had a pager, he or she had to phone an operator and request that a message be forwarded to that pager (whose owner then found a fixed-line phone to call back). As we will see in Chapter 5, this became the model that operators originally planned to use for SMS. 2 million pagers worldwide in 1980, rising to 61 million by 1994 (Goggin 2006).

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