Modelling Biomedical Signals by Giuseppe Nardulli, Sebastiano Stramaglia

By Giuseppe Nardulli, Sebastiano Stramaglia

Lawsuits of the convention held September 19-21, 2001 in Bari, Italy. This e-book, as a result of cross-disciplinary interplay between physicists biologists and physicians, covers numerous subject matters the place tools and ways rooted in physics are effectively utilized to investigate and to version biomedical info.

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Note that introducing a restoring force of the form f(x) = —b/x1 with 7 ^ 1 , yields stretched exponential distributions 51 , so 7 = 1 is the only case yielding a power-law distribution. Similarly, the distribution of durations of the sleep state is identical to the distribution of return times of a random walk in a space with a reflecting boundary. Hence P(t) has an exponential distribution, Eq. (9), in the large time region, with the characteristic time r predicted to be r ~ A2 . (12) Equations (11) and (12) indicate that the values of a and r in the data can be reproduced in our model by "tuning" the threshold A and the bias b (Fig.

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