MRI Manual of Pelvic Cancer by Hulse A.

By Hulse A.

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It is divided into the fundus, which lies above the level of the uterine tube orifices, the body and the isthmus, which constricts inferiorly to form the cervix. The cervix is divided into supra-vaginal and infravaginal parts. The fundus, body and isthmus of the uterus are predominantly muscular whereas the cervix is predominantly fibrous in composition. The uterine cavity communicates supero-laterally with the uterine (Fallopian) tubes and inferiorly with the cervical canal at the internal os.

12. Coronal T1W1 of female mid-abdomen and pelvis. 13. Coronal T1W1 of male mid abdomen and pelvis. 14. Coronal T1W1 of female anterior abdomen and pelvis. 15. Sagittal T2W1 of female pelvis. (1) Urinary bladder (2) Urethra (3) Muscular layer of bladder wall (4) Outer myometrium (5) Junctional zone (6) Endometrium (7) Plane of uterocervical junction (8) Cervical lumen (9) Cervical mucosa (10) Cervix (fibromuscular layer) (11) Cervix (outer layer) (12) Ectocervical mucosa (13) Posterior vaginal fornix (14) Nabothian cyst (15) Vaginal lumen containing secretions (16) Vaginal wall (submucosal and muscle layers) (17) Vaginal adventitia and venous plexus (18) Rectovaginal septum (19) Rectum (20) Recto-uterine space (Pouch of Douglas) containing small volume of fluid.

Radiographics 21:1169–1185. Useful review. 6. Siegelman ES, Outwater EK, Banner MP, et al. (1997) High resolution MR imaging of the vagina. Radiographics 17:1183–1203. Useful review. 7. Hussain SM, Stoker J, Lamé ris, JS. (1995) Anal sphincter complex: Endoanal MR imaging of normal anatomy. Radiology 197:671–677. 8. Debatin JF and Patak MA. (1999) MRI of the small and large bowel. Radiol. 9(8): 1523–1534. Useful review. 9. Coakley F and Hricak H. (2000) Radiologic anatomy of the prostate gland: a clinical approach.

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