Nephilim Gamemaster's Companion by Shannon Appel, Adrian Czajkowski, Kenneth Hite, Ross Isaacs,

By Shannon Appel, Adrian Czajkowski, Kenneth Hite, Ross Isaacs, Eric Rowe, Sam Shirley, Greg Stafford, Ian Young

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No matter hc many Ka-elements they posses, or how high their rating Masterpiece is never sentient. A Masterpiece can take an form, from the small and inconsequential to the monumt tal. Some believe the Potala, the Dali Lamas’ residence Lhasa, is a Masterpiece whose purpose has yet to be uncc ered. Finally, the gamemaster should assign spells to the Masterpiece. These spells can be modified by special options. hbterpiece Optims r M differentiated from Artefacts in two important ways. First, as is explained above, they possess their own Ch’awe.

Plexi and nexi generally are areas of great emotional potential as well. Due to their powerful magical natures, they may actually hold the potential for several different emotions, which explains the many different creatures which may be born of them. When a strong magical or natural phenomena occurs in an area with great emotional potential, that is when elemental creatures are the most likely to be born. There is no agreement on where these emotional potentials come from. Some say that such emotional potentials are totally natural, a part of the world.

Relic si& Speech Lacking sensory organs such as eyes and ears, Relics rely on Ka-vision to perceive the magic fields around them, but only for short periods of time. Though they lack mouths, they can communicate with other Nephilim using Enochian. Spell Insm-ption ’ Like other Nephilim, Relics must use spells to manipulate the magical fields. Newborn Relics are quite weak, because they have yet to acquire any spells and have limited Technique skill. A Relic incarnated into a mundane object begins life with Lower Magic Technique equal to Dominant Ka times 1%.

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