Neurovascular Examination: The Rapid Evaluation of Stroke by Andrei V. Alexandrov

By Andrei V. Alexandrov

Using neurovascular ultrasound is of accelerating significance in neurological perform, either for radiologists and more and more by way of neurologists themselves. Written by way of the world’s most famous professional, this booklet explains

  • ultrasound exam of a stroke patient
  • scanning protocols
  • interpretation of the results

Case examples (with a customary template presentation correlating presentation to waveform output) make stronger the book's useful nature.

Illustrated with images of the exams, factors, and with real waveforms, photographs, and outcome interpretation, and more desirable with 'pearls' and 'avoiding pitfalls' good points, it's a functional reference for these studying ultrasound in addition to these utilizing ultrasound of their practices.

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N Engl J Med 2005; 353: 2034–41. 2 Time Is Brain and Brain Is Flow! ” William Shakespeare, Richard II Our bodies change along the arrow of time from past to future, and when brain tissues become ischemic there is no time to waste, neither by stroke victims nor clinicians. ” mantra emerged from observations of the natural history of stroke and the overall time-sensitive efficacy of reperfusion therapies. The first goal in mastering stroke diagnosis and treatment is to be able to work fast and efficiently and to start rescue therapies with as little time wasted as possible.

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