Odour Impact Assessment Handbook by Vincenzo Belgiorno, Vincenzo Naddeo, Tiziano Zarra

By Vincenzo Belgiorno, Vincenzo Naddeo, Tiziano Zarra

Content material:
Chapter 1 advent (pages 1–5): V. Naddeo, V. Belgiorno and T. Zarra
Chapter 2 Odour Characterization and publicity results (pages 7–29): V. Naddeo, V. Belgiorno and T. Zarra
Chapter three tools and strategies for Odour Sampling and size (pages 31–83): T. Zarra, V. Naddeo, V. Belgiorno, T. Higuchi, N. Dutta and M. Bhuyan
Chapter four suggestions for Odour keep watch over (pages 85–124): J. M. Estrada, R. Lebrero, G. Quijano, N. J. R. Kraakman and R. Munoz
Chapter five Dispersion Modelling for Odour publicity evaluate (pages 125–174): M. Piringer and G. Schauberger
Chapter 6 Odour law and rules (pages 175–186): S. Sironi, L. Capelli, L. Dentoni and R. Del Rosso
Chapter 7 methods for Odour effect overview (pages 187–203): V. Naddeo, V. Belgiorno and T. Zarra
Chapter eight Case reviews for review, regulate and Prediction of Odour effect (pages 205–283): J. Lehtinen, S. Giuliani, T. Zarra, M. Reiser, V. Naddeo, M. Kranert, V. Belgiorno, A.C. Romain, J. Nicolas, I. Sowka, K.Y. Wang, N. Kalogerakis and M. Lazaridis

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The quantification of hedonic tone also makes use of the judgement scale. This judgement on the relative pleasantness or unpleasantness of an odour forms our common language when reporting unpleasant odours. 7 Nine-level scale of hedonic tone. odour panel. A method for measuring hedonic tone is suggested next, derived from the German guideline VDI 3882. 7, uses a nine-level classification, ranging from −4 (extremely unpleasant odour) to +4 (extremely pleasant odour). It should be remembered, however, that in order to evaluate the acceptability of an odour, simply referring to its hedonic tone is not sufficient, in that even exposure to pleasant odours can alter the psychophysical equilibrium of a person and have a negative influence on his behaviour, above all if the odours are very intense and long-lasting (Nimmermark, 2011).

6). Odour quality is useful in establishing an odour source from complainants’ descriptions. Alternatively, it may be possible to identify key chemical components by a description of the specific odour. , 2001). Importantly, the hedonic tone can be responsible for the perception leading to complaint. Here, the relative pleasantness or unpleasantness of the odour alongside the association of its source, or the context in which it is received is relevant to investigating odour complaints. As with most odour characterization parameters, the definition of hedonic tone also involves a certain degree of subjectivity due to a number of factors such as, for example, experience or the circumstances of the individual.

From a GC-MS analysis, it is possible to obtain indications on the numerous substances that principally form the odorous mixture. , 2009). Other types of gas chromatographs and mass spectrometers are those equipped with olfactory detection port (ODP) as well as the portable type. 2) allows for the detection of the odorous substances with the identification of the quality and associated hedonic tone. 1 Case studies using GC-MS methods for odorous compounds characterization. Analysis method Bibliographic reference Investigation field Hobbs et al.

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